Charities now have the first-ever platform which allows them to give their players thousands of dollars in gifts, while raising more money and creating a return on investment for their sponsors!

Reward Your Players with High-Quality, Hassle-Free Virtual Gift Bags!

Gain Sponsors and Gift Players

Our Elite Virtual Gift Bag (EVGB) is the first ever Aggregated Marketing Platform (AMP) that creates significant revenue for charity golf tournaments by gaining sponsors and gifting their participants. Our platform is also the 2017 Winner of the Gold Stevie Award in the #1 American and International Best Mobile Site and Application!

Benefits Sponsors

Creates a return on investment by driving traffic to their business

Sponsors can market their business on the most valuable real estate in the world: everyone’s phone

Benefits Charities

Attracts more sponsors and players to your event by marketing thousands of dollars worth of gifts/offers on the AMP

Limitless revenue – 100% goes to the charity

Pay It Forward page leads to continued fundraising after the event

How It Works

We create a fully customizable Elite Virtual Gift Bag (EVGB) link for fundraising organizers, producing a seamless gifting experience and a marketing platform for sponsors and business partners.

See It In Action

We create a fully customizable app for tournament organizers, producing a seamless gifting experience and a marketing platform for sponsors.

What's In The Bag?

*Bags are customized to incorporate your own gifts or custom offers


Are You an Event?

Are You a Sponsor?

Tournaments Net Significant Revenue through Elite Gifting & Fundraising

Stellar Reputation

We have over 10 years of experience in the golf industry supporting charities

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We have unmatched programs to enhance your overall event image and profitability

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