Your Premium Marketing Tool

Golfers are there to have fun… especially for a charity golf tournament! EET Media is a great way for them to get involved and share their experience from the day. Sponsors love EET Media to highlight and recap the event because their sponsorship dollars go well beyond 18 holes of golf, and further than just the golfers in attendance.

Benefits of Your Video:


perfect tool for an immediate follow up email to all golfers in attendance, thanking them for their participation


reach out to those on a waiting list, or those who couldn’t make it this time around… let them know what they missed!


charities, organizations and companies now have a marketing tool to use when promoting for next year’s event

So What Do I Get?

Your organization will receive a 2-3 minute highlight recap of the day’s event. This is perfect for Facebook postings, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, or even an email blast campaign when following up with your database to market for next year’s event. You will also receive a 60 second version specifically for Instagram, but can also live on all of the platforms mentioned above.

When people organically share these videos on social media, money can continue to be raised after the round of golf is over. Sponsors and attendees will share the video, and that means more opportunity for you to raise money long after the 18th hole.

Take a peek into these actual client videos and visualize your event:

24 Hour Fitness Tournament

Scott Brooks Invitational

Gavin R. Stevens Foundation

IQ Personnel Tournament